Thomas Lesson #1 – Just cause I’m clean, don’t mean I won’t get dirty

Thomas has been with us more than a week now and every day we’re discovering more of his personality. He has the funniest facial expressions and the cutest little dimple that I hope will stay. It will definitely steal hearts one day.

One thing that might not steal hearts is this child’s constant farting and pooping.

It’s as though the instant milk goes in one hole, it comes right out the other. Oh boy.

Last night was Thomas’s third bath. Although it’s still quite the challenge, mom and dad are slowly getting the hang of it. The tag-team approach is a must. The little guy gets way too slippery for one person only.

I love snuggling my little guy when he’s freshly washed. But last night the moment he came out of that bathtub and was all cozy in his towel – he let out the biggest (little) fart and behold his towel and bum were once again dirty.

Thank you Thomas for reminding mommy that she shouldn’t expect you to stay clean for more than 1 minute at a time.


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