My how he’s changed

I never realized how quickly babies changed. As adults, our features stay the same for long periods of time. Our size (with the exception of our waistline) barely changes as well until we get much older.

But after only two weeks in this big world, Thomas has changed in a big way. His features are no longer those of a newborn but more of a little man. His right cheek dimple is now being paired with one on his left cheek. He smiles as he falls asleep, sighs after sneezing and seems to recognize us a little more.

The difficulties these past few days have been his sudden change in the amount of time he sleeps during the day. Mommy used to be able to take a few naps throughout the morning/afternoon, but in the past two days he just doesn’t want to sleep anymore. He’ll often stay up for 3.5 hours at a time. The downside is that I have a feeling he then gets extra tired and really cranky.  And, he’s not sleeping any additional hours throughout the night.

I’m not sure how the next few weeks will shape up. Thomas really does have a way of keeping us on our toes. I guess he’s preparing us for the many years to come.


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