The 8pm meltdown

Last night my husband and I decided to enjoy an at-home date night. We ordered pizza and settled in at 7pm to watch The Social Network. Not too long after we’d settled in for a few hours (Thomas had just gone to bed), the sound of a grumpy child interrupted our movie watching.

Not a big deal – or so we thought.

Daddy managed to get Thomas back to sleep. That lasted 30 minutes. When he woke up the second time around, Thomas was in a fighting mood. Nothing we tried could stop the enraged cry. The on and off crying lasted until 11:30pm when Thomas finally fell asleep… all thanks to daddy’s magic touch.

Luckily, he slept for 3.5 hours which gave me enough rest to make it through the night of feeding.

As I write this entry, my husband is upstairs with our little guy who, once again, is in a fighting mood. Although two nights in a row isn’t enough to detect a pattern, I can’t help but cross my fingers and hope that it’s just a coincidence.


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