Keep it clean

Last night was the scheduled night for a bath – something the entire house somewhat dreads. Since bringing him home, and even when he was at the hospital, Thomas has hated taking his bath. I think it’s because he simply does not like being naked. When stripped down, he turns into this furious little thing, goes beet red, and doesn’t stop wailing until he’s good and dry. Bath time also includes a few close calls of being peed on and the always possible chance of a fresh bowel movement.

But last night, for some unknown reason, Thomas LOVED his bath! What was different? Well for one thing, mommy and daddy decided we weren’t going to rush him this time. We also had some music on and sang the few lyrics we knew. The water was also a little warmer than usual – although still at an acceptable baby temperature. And maybe, just maybe Thomas has finally realized that keeping clean is really much better than being dirty.


One thought on “Keep it clean

  1. too funny. Stella was the same… HATED being naked and HATED her baths. A few months makes all the difference. She enjoys her baths and absolutely LOVES being naked. she gets super hyper and charges up and down the hallway in all her naked glory. Now I hate getting her dressed!

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