A friend’s advice

I picked up the phone yesterday and called my very best friend who’s been mastering this mommy thing for the past 9 months. In the many times during the course of my lifetime that I’ve called her for advice – she’s always been there and offered relief. Yesterday was no exception.

Books will tell you what you should do and should avoid if possible. They will also generalize since no baby is the same. The best advice came from my friend “you’re in survival mode right now and you just need to to what you need to do to get through the day”. She offered a few tips that had worked for her and reminded me to take it one day at a time.

So this morning, after another brutal evening of crying and Thomas waking every 2 hours (yes, the 8pm meltdown is still taking place), I decided to breastfeed in bed when Thomas woke at 7am. I stayed comfortable and relaxed, so Thomas was as well.

Once he’d finished, I gently rolled him over on his back, snuggled him between me and a body pillow and was able to get another 2 hours of sleep in the comfort of my bed with my son. Let’s not also forget the cat who snuggled on the other side of me.

That’s what worked for me this morning. Not rocking him to sleep or walking around with him in my arms until he passed out. Not swaddling him and rubbing his belly while he lay in his bed. This morning was about survival and that meant sleeping in the easiest, simplest way.


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