The Hooter Hider

Hooter Hider


I initially had a Kushies nursing cover and kept struggling with it because it would fall flat over Thomas and I couldn’t see anything so I wasn’t able to help him latch on. A difficult scenario when trying to nurse in public.

But daddy did a little web surfing and found two new options for me – both identical and from the same company, but with a different name. Enter… the Hooter Hider The one real difference is the Hooter Hider comes in it’s own little pouch which I thought was convenient since it would stay compact when in the diaper bag.

The difference between this one and the one from Kushies is that it was a wired opening which allows you to always be able to see your little one, but no one can see what’s going on under there. Great for nursing around people who are uncomfortable with seeing a nipple or a boob.

I picked up my Hooter Hider at Fab Baby Gear on Wellington Street. The staff was wonderful and they offer great stuff for the little one. I also found it at Red Chair Kids just up the street.

Needless to say, I’ve already put the Hooter Hider to good use!


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