Dare to compare

Thursdays have become outing day for Thomas and I. We’ve started going to a breastfeeding group in Hull. It’s an opportunity to ask questions about breastfeeding and chat with other moms.

Last week Thomas was a great big 21 days old and one of the smallest little guys there. This week however many moms showed up with their tiny little people – one was only 5 days old and made Thomas look like a grown child.

I’ve come to realize that my little man is changing a lot. He’s getting bigger (9 lbs) and he just doesn’t look like newborn anymore. It made me a little sad to realize how quickly he’s growing and how much he’s changed. In my heart I want to keep him as tiny as possible for ever, but at the same time, I want to be able to enjoy his smiles, high fives and all the wonderful things he’ll continue to bring to our lives.

On Saturday he’ll be 1 month old. Dare I say my little man is growing up?


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