The big bed

After several weeks, it’s safe to say Thomas has evening colics. Not the nicest way to end a busy day.

The poor little guy is so uncomfortable that he tenses up and howls. We’ve tried rocking, dancing, walking, talking, feeding, and basically everything that ends in ‘ing’ to no avail.

Three nights ago we gave in and offered a pacifier to our little man. It provided some much needed relief by soothing the crying (still tearless). The downside is as soon as it falls out of his mouth – the crying is turned right back on. But, with a little persistence, Thomas managed to go to bed at 10pm. 30 minutes later he was awake and ready to feed since it had taken us 1.5 hours to get him to sleep.

The night ended with a very short 1 hour between feeds. Needless to say I was exhausted and quite grumpy myself.

Then last night, we gave in (for a second time) and not only spent a large portion of the evening offering Thomas a soother, but I took him upstairs, lay him in the centre of my bed, stuck my pinky in his mouth and waited…..

After only a few minutes the little guy had completely passed out and woke up 5.5 hours later! OMG! Mommy was thrilled (and daddy too).

So…. although I had a wonderful sleep, as did Thomas, I’m worried that he’ll want the big bed snuggles all the time. That’s definitely not what I want but for now if it’s what we need to do to avoid him keeping us up all night and exhausting us, I think the big bed will gladly welcome him.


2 thoughts on “The big bed

  1. Ingrid – I’m an expert on “the big bed” lol. Caleb and Jonah were/are both co-sleepers. Do what works for you and don’t let anyone tell you it’s wrong. A sleep book I recently read said as much – if it works for you, it’s not wrong and don’t mess with it! I’ve learned from experience, and from the experience of other mommy friends that even if they learn to love “the big bed” they eventually do decide to sleep on their own, in their own bed when they are ready. I personally loved co-sleeping 🙂

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