We decided to host Easter dinner at our place this year. We’ve come to realize that it’s much easier to have people come to Thomas than to bring Thomas to the people.

On the menu… a turkey I bought back in October 2011 when it was on sale for Thanksgiving. It’s been hanging out in the deep freeze for a while and since it’s Daddy’s favourite meal, I figured it was time to thaw out the bird.

The stuffing is composed of rice, beef/veal/porc, walnuts, celery, onions and mushrooms. Considering we’re heading off to church on Easter morning and it would take a while to get the stuffing organized as well as prep the bird in time for a 5:30pm meal – I prepared everything for the stuffing (without assembling) on Friday night. Thomas was in a great mood so he hung out with Daddy while I got things ready in the kitchen.

I’ve come to the conclusion that pre-planning will be a new way of life for us.  Now I’m just hoping that the turkey will be awesome and will provide enough leftovers for soup and hot sandwiches.


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