Mr. Social

My family never gets why I say Thomas cries and is sometimes a complicated little guy. I tell them how around 7pm he starts to whine and there’s nothing (other than a soother and constant changing of position and stimulation) that works to calm him down.

I also tell them how it’s often hard to have dinner without Thomas wanting to be held and entertained.

Last night everyone was over for Easter dinner (the turkey was awesome). Thomas was on his best behavior. Rarely is this little guy content to sit in his vibrating chair for more than 30 minutes. Or, sit in someone’s lap without fussing. But as luck would have it, last night Thomas was the most darling he’s probably ever been.

No whining or fussing from 5pm – 9pm. He made his way from lap to lap, smiled for the family photo and even enjoyed bath time with uncle Seb. I wondered how on earth someone managed to replace him with an identical twin I didn’t know existed.

Of course, as soon as everyone left Mr. Social quickly turned into Mr. Gumpy Pants… and so our ‘real’ Thomas was back. He gave mommy quite the difficult night – not wanting to go back to sleep after his 2:30 feed – he finally shut his eyes a little after 4 am. But this morning, mommy brought him into the Big Bed and when she finally woke, she was greeted by the most content little sleeper. Although his sleepy face melts my heart, I’m still looking forward to that 6-week smile everyone talks about.


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