Thomas’s first official date

Last summer I found out my friend Kim was pregnant. I was so thrilled to hear the news. I was also pregnant although the news hadn’t been made public yet and, she lived walking distance from my

Thomas and Noelle at Stars and Strollers

house so we’d be able to hang out together with our little ones.  Of course, I was also very happy for the parents to be.

At the end of January, she welcomed a little girl with the biggest blue eyes. Then a month and a half later we welcomed our little Thomas.

Since Thomas has entered this world, Kim has been a wonderful resource. It’s been great to share mommy stories and ask questions. What I’ve come to realize is that our munchkins are very different from one other and Kim and I have encountered different challenges, but having someone out there to talk to (who is going through the same thing) brings back a little sanity.

Kim and I often joke that were each other’s ‘sponsor’. We both know how difficult some days can be and so we’ve agreed to call each other any time that we need it. Whether it’s for a walk, to hang out, and even to plan our little ones’ first official date.

Last Thursday we packed the kids into Kim’s car and headed off to Stars and Strollers at the local movie theater – Thomas and Noelle’s first official date. What a great program this is for moms. I love seeing movies on the big screen, but I still can’t do so without bringing Thomas with me. So, along came Thomas and little Noelle. There was probably a dozen or so other moms out that day enjoying Water for Elephants. It was great to go out, hang out with a friend and of course stuff my face with popcorn.


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