Sleeping at the wheel

Well, my little guy arrived  7 weeks ago and it’s been quite the challenging ride. He’s the cutest little thing and I love being around him.

He’s much more awake during the day now and his smile is contagious – very worth the wait.

What’s becoming more difficult is the breastfeeding during the night. Initially, I would open the lights and read a magazine while he was feeding. I also packed fruit to keep me going. But lately I need to keep his room dark so he doesn’t wake up. That means both Thomas and I end up falling asleep during that time.

Not a big deal since we’re both quite comfortable in that great glider, but when I wake up shortly after and move Thomas, he wants to feed again. So, the 35 minute feed sometimes runs in excess of 1h30.

The great thing is that once he’s belly is full again he goes right back to sleep and so do I!

The morning when he finally awakes is the best time of the day. He’s well rested and full of smiles and giggles. It’s as though getting his diaper changed is the most wonderful thing.

Although there are moments in the day when I truly enjoy my little guy, he’s still impossible to put down at night. It’s a struggle and every day we cross our fingers and hope that tonight will be the night. Maybe he’ll surprise us soon. Maybe even tonight…


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