Happy Mother’s Day: A day in my life as a mom

This year marks the very first Mother’s Day that I’m a mom. I have been blessed with a wonderful mother who has always been there for me. She supports me and loves me regardless of my (very rare) lack of judgement and (barely there) flaws. There are many things I admire about her and I hope Thomas will admire about me one day. For the time being, I’ll just continue being (almost always) awesome.

In honour of my first Mother’s Day, I thought I’d capture what my life was like with a 7-week old. This will also serve as a reminder when we start considering adding another little monster to this family. To those who know me, please remind me of this post!

Mother’s Day 2011
My day officially started in the wee hours of the morning when Thomas woke up for his midnight snack.

12:34am – Thomas wakes up in the Big Bed.
I tried to get him to sleep in his crib last night, but I really didn’t feel like hearing him cry. So, I brought him to the Big Bed at 9:15pm where he fell sound asleep. Daddy was still watching tv so we had a little more room to ourselves. After this midnight snack, I put Thomas in his crib. He didn’t make a peep.

3:15am – Thomas wakes up in his crib – time to eat.

6am – Thomas wakes up in his crib – time to eat.

7:54am –  Thomas wakes up in his crib but daddy brings him to the Big Bed for a morning snuggle. After 2 minutes he wants breakfast.

8am – Thomas gives me his Mother’s Day gifts presents and has breakfast.
I’ve been totally spoiled by my little guy (he takes after his dad). A beautiful set of gardening tools from Lee Valley and a Best Recipes Ever cookbook – I’ve become a Best Recipes Ever junky (3pm on CBC Mon – Fri). Early mornings with Thomas are the best. He is in a great mood and is smiling as he checks out the toys hanging over his head while he plays on his little mat.

9:25am – Daddy leaves for his first official bike ride as he trains for Ride the Rideau.
In 4 months from now my husband will not only be turning 30, he’ll also be cycling 100km from Ottawa to Merrickville-Wolford in support of cancer research at The Ottawa Hospital. His goal is to raise $1,500 and he’s not only ready for training, but ready to start fundraising. If you have a few dollars to spare, please consider making a donation in honour of those who lost their battle with cancer, and those who are currently fighting this terrible disease. If you’d like to follow his quest for the finish, you can check out his blog: http://readytoride.wordpress.com/

9:45am – Thomas has a second breakfast and falls asleep. I put him to bed, jump in the shower and start blogging.

11am – Thomas wakes up and Daddy gets home from bike ride – time to eat!

11:30am – Daddy watches Thomas while mommy heads outside for some gardening (I like taking advantage of my husband being home to get these things done)

1:30pm – Thomas is hungry once more – time to feed the waking dragon.

2pm – Daddy calls his mom via Skype for Mother’s Day. I have lunch and watch a rerun of The Office.

2:30pm – Time to clean the upstairs bathroom and put in a load of laundry. Thomas is asleep in his swinging chair so I have about 1 hour.
Done. Now I have a few minutes to spare so I’m updating my blog at this time. Daddy has just come back from the grocery store. Grandmaman, grandpapa, matante and mononcle are coming over for dinner tonight and we needed bread.

3:15pm – OMG. Thomas is still sleeping.
This is great other than the fact that my boobs will soon explode – this is the downside of breastfeeding. I often look forward to him waking so that I can get some relief (remind self of this sentence when he won’t go to bed.)

3:30pm – Thomas wakes up and is ready for his afternoon snack.

4:05pm – I throw in the fourth load of laundry of the day.
While daddy entertains Thomas, I take the opportunity to fold the two loads of laundry that are dry. I have about 30 minutes before my family arrives for the Mother’s Day dinner. Better hurry and fold so that I can get those potatoes prepped!

5pm – Grandmaman and grandpapa arrive for dinner
Grandmaman immediately takes Thomas and enjoys some suggles.

5:20pm – Matante and mononcle arrive. Just back from a shopping trip in the U.S., matante comes bearing gifts for Thomas.

6pm – Dinner for everyone including Thomas.
Using the nursing cushion allows me to cut my own steak.

7:45pm – It’s bath time!

8:45pm – My family leaves, Thomas eats once again

9:10pm – Thomas falls asleep on the boob. I try putting him to bed but he immediately starts to howl. Apparently he wasn’t done eating.

9:15pm – Thomas is back on the boob. It’s gonna be one of those nights.

9:40pm – Thomas is in a crying fit. Not sure what to do with him now. He hasn’t done this in two weeks. Let’s try the Big Bed.

11:54pm – Daddy makes his way to the Big Bed and moves Thomas into his crib. Thomas wakes up. He wants food. And so the cycle continues….

That sort of sums of my first-ever Mother’s Day. You’ll notice no diaper changes. Daddy was home 🙂


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