8 weeks, 2 grey hairs, 1 great little guy

Not always the happiest little camper.

This morning my little guy was all smiles. I think there’s even a giggle waiting to make an appearance if that’s even possible! He’s changed so much in the past 8 weeks. He gets more and more handsome as each day goes by. As for me, apparently my very first grey hairs have appeared. They were pointed out (lovingly) by daddy last night when he came home. I am embracing these hairs. They are a testament to all my hard work during the past 8 weeks. They are my battle scars.

When I look at Thomas, I want to mentally capture all the little things about him that I love so much and that I don’t ever want to forget. I thought I’d list a few…

1) He has a dark little hairs on this ears – they’ve been there since birth. I love his hairy little ears.

2) He lost all his hair a few weeks after birth – all except for a nice amount on the back of his head (he once looked like Kevin in The Office). He’s now sporting a nice little baby mullet. I love his baby mullet.

3) Thomas sneezes on a regular basis. The best thing about his sneeze is that he makes the most adorable little sigh of relief once it’s passed. It’s as though that sneeze was the best thing to happen to him all day. One of these days I hope to get it on camera. I love his sigh of relief.

4) His pinky toe is tucked underneath his second-last toe. I’m sure this will fix itself as he gets older and starts to walk. But for now it’s quite cute. I love his peek-a-boo pinky toe.

I love my little guy.


One thought on “8 weeks, 2 grey hairs, 1 great little guy

  1. I remember snuggling up with The Boy at that age, and being amazed by this soft blond down-like hair that covered his body. Great memories, thanks for bringing them back.

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