5 things I’ve learned in 2 months

Thomas being tickled by mommy's hair

On May 16 Thomas turned 2-months old. It’s hard to remember how little he was when he was born. I’m reminded of tiny little size when I see a newborn or as I sift through his clothes and put away what’s become too small.

It’s amazing how the things I was discovering about him in the first month are now part of my everyday life, and how these initial worries and questions have been replaced with an entire new group. As I did after the first month, I thought I’d list a few things I’ve learned throughout month number 2.

1) Smiles are a mommy’s best friend
They’re worth the wait. Having Thomas smile at me in the morning when I get him from his bed fills my heart with joy. Although I still keep the lights off during the night when I feed him and I don’t talk to him during this time, I sometimes catch a little smile – even in the dark. It’s awesome.

2) Needles are a mommy’s worst enemy
It was hard to see my little guy cry so hard after receiving his vaccinations. I knew he was in pain and there really was nothing I could do to help him. Although it wasn’t easy, the nights of crying during the first few weeks somewhat prepared me for this.

3) Thomas will sleep more than 2-hours at a time when he’s good and ready
They warn us that every child is different. I was reminded of this last weekend when I met another mom who had her little guy the day after me and at the same hospital. Her little one has been sleeping 4-5 hour chunks through the night for a little while now. Thomas still only gives me two hours of consecutive sleep. I will be patient. My time will come.

4) Independence? What’s that?
My pre-Thomas life seems very distant now. While I initially resented the fact that I couldn’t even go to the grocery store without Thomas, I’ve now become used to having him around. He’s a cool kid and I know I’ll love it more and more as he continues to prefect his charm and his little personality really starts to shine.

5) I’ve turned in to one of those moms
When I was pregnant with Thomas, it would sometimes annoy me when people, without being prompted, would offer advice about how my life would be with Thomas. I now realize that it was offered as a way to help and not ‘tell’. I recently found myself doing this to a pregnant colleague of mine (although she did ask), and I tried not to sugarcoat it. I actually think I was brutally honest about how challenging I found the first few weeks. I think all soon-to-be-moms need to know the realities of early motherhood.


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