My cat needs a new home

It’s always been a fear of mine to have to say goodbye to Belle. She’s a wonderful cat. The best cat.

I found herstraying outside my condo back in my single days. I brought her in and we bonded instantly. I would come to find out after the first vet visit that she was expecting a litter of kittens. She ended up having three and yes, I helped deliver the last one – bare handed. Belle has been there for me through many important events in my life including the arrival of Thomas.

For the first seven weeks after bringing our little guy home, Belle seemed to adapt well. She ignored him at first and slowly seemed to be warming up to the fact that she had to share us, and her floor space, with a little person. But the sounds coming from Thomas have changed – more specifically his cry – and that’s just not sitting well with her.

Two weeks ago daddy had Thomas is his arms and was trying to soothe him when Belle apparently nipped at his leg. I had a hard time believing this. She is the most docile creature around! Then it happened to me when I was holding Thomas a few days later. We realized she nips when Thomas gets into a rage and emits a very specific crying sound. I think it bothers her ears, or maybe she just doesn’t like hearing him cry that way and she is trying to tell us to do something.

Last night however, Belle crossed the line. Thomas was in my arms and a little fussy while breastfeeding. He started to howl when I switched him from one side to the other. Belle came rushing to the chair and I told her it was ok, but for some reason it’s as though she tried to grab Thomas with her paw. ( I still believe she was trying to help him, but regardless….) The result: two scratches on my little guy’s head. My heart broke.

I could deal with the nipping, but this was too much. She had hurt Thomas. Belle spent the night locked up in the basement with her food and litter.

It’s hard to sit here and come to the realization that she’s just not adapting anymore and that I have to give her up. This was actually one of my biggest fears when I got pregnant, but I thought allergies would be the reason she would have to leave. It’s also impossible to sit here and try to rationalize what happened and tell myself that it was just a one-time incident and that it won’t happen again. The fact of that matter is, I just don’t trust her around Thomas anymore and that’s not right.

So we’re now looking for a good home for my Belle. An infant-free home.

She loves to snuggle and is very affectionate. She loves to spend time outside in our fenced yard and has never escaped. She doesn’t hide much in the house because she’s quite social. She’s a really great cat. She’s just no longer the right kind of cat for our changing family.

If you know someone who is looking for a great animal to love, please let me know. We’d love to find her a good home. She deserves a good home.


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