Got milk? Nope.

Apparently one of the reasons for my little guy’s discomfort in the first two months of his life was linked to the evil, evil, bovine protein.

His little digestive system just isn’t taking to it very well, hence the constant need to change him out of smelly and very wet clothes. Since last Thursday (after a suggestion from my doctor) I’ve cut out all milk products from my diet – something that’s incredibly hard to do! I have to admit that I forgot about the cheese on the top of my Friday night pizza, but other than that I’ve been milk-free.

Thomas seems to be in a better mood and his spitting up has diminished by about 70% as opposed to being a constant thing. He would often spit up about a dozen times a day and sometimes I swear there was about 1/2 cup of liquid ejecting from him. I’m to keep this milk-free diet going for a few more weeks. Thankfully we’ve noticed a difference so there’s no need to cut out red meat as well (momma loves her steak).

Apparently this is quite common for infants and if things go well, my doctor says we’ll try to slowly reimplement milk and milk products back into my diet. In the meantime my Oreo Cookie Chocolate Chip Blizzard will have to wait.

His spitting up was so frequent it even managed to make its way into this photo. Not his finest moment.


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