Going solo

Thomas and I have been hanging out alone since Saturday. My husband left for Fredericton to visit his parents and drive them back so they can be here on Sunday when Thomas gets baptized.

Although I’m used to spending my days alone with Thomas, the evenings have been a little more challenging. I’ve found it tougher to get dinner organized, Thomas fed, bathed and in bed without daddy being around. I realize how much of a great team we make and how things run smoothly when we’re both around.

As for Thomas, it seems as though he’s matured a whole bunch in the past few days. I heard the first mini-giggle the other day and he’s smiling more and more. It seems like my change in diet has made a significant difference. He’s not spitting up as much and seems happier – although today he had the biggest meltdown ever.

I can really tell when I’ve pissed him off. Although he can’t talk, he has a way of making it known that I’ve upset him. My mother, who was there at the time, reminded me that I would do the same thing to her when I was little and is very pleased to see me go through the same thing.

Oh boy… just what I need: another me.

I was hoping he’d have more of his daddy’s personality. He looks just like him so I guess it’s a good thing that there’s a little bit of me in there too.




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