A look back

The first photo of Thomas and his daddy - my two loves.

As Thomas was napping this morning, I decided to take a virtual walk down memory lane. I know he’s changed since he was first born, but I couldn’t quite remember just how little he was, or what his face looked like back then. So I looked through our photo and video files on the computer. Seeing him that small brought tears to my eyes. This is my little man. This is the little person who’s been waking me up at night, covering me in vomit, using up all my energy. It’s interesting to think that if Thomas was a grown person, I would definitely terminate this relationship because who wants to be covered in vomit? Oh… wait… his dad once did the same thing to me after a party.

Needless to say, every day my heart fills with more and more love for my Thomas. I’ve heard a few giggles now and he enjoys having a deep conversation with the animals that hang from his mobile. His smile is contagious and I really don’t mind getting up to feed him in the middle of the night. That’s our precious time together. Time that one day I will look back and wish I could enjoy once more.


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