More than just sandcastles. Much, much, more…

This past weekend was packed with family-friendly activities. From the drive to Montreal to visit Thomas’s great-aunt and great-grandmother, to Canada Day with the extended family, followed by a day at the beach with enormous sandcastles – we were definitely out and about.

We started our long weekend with a drive to Montreal: our first of many summer roadtrips. My grandmother had not yet met Thomas and it was a special moment I was really looking forward to. My aunt also hadn’t met the little guy so she took the opportunity to stop by.

Thomas with his mommy, great-grandmother and his great-aunt.

Then it was off to Terrbonne where my mother’s side of the family was celebrating Canada Day (a raincheck from last week’s Saint Jean Baptiste). My sister Nathalie had been waiting three months to meet her little nephew and was overwhelmed with delight. A few tears made an appearance while she took care of lunchtime.

Thomas and his aunt Nathalie

We were supposed to drive back into Montreal to have dinner with friends that night, but Thomas was violently ill. After he had vomitted everything that was in his stomach, he was dry heaving and my heart was breaking. Needless to say, we cut our Montreal dinner out of the agenda and headed home. We’re still not sure if it was the soy-based formula, the heat, or just being passed around from loving arms to loving arms – but something just didn’t sit right with my little man. And to think… it was just vomit. I can’t even begin to imagine how I’ll feel when he falls out of a tree and breaks his arm.

On July 2 we decided to stop by the 11th edition of the Merveilles de Sable (Wonders of Sand). I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more sand creations, but was very impressed by the ones that were there.


As we were about to leave, I saw the real ‘wonder’ of the day. Need I say more?

No caption could do this photo justice.



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