Yummy, yummy, yummy, I’ve got rice in my tummy…

At Thomas’s four-month appointment, his doctor (which I absolutely adore) suggested we start feeding our little guy cereal. After a frustrating trip to the pharmacy during which I realized that 90% of all baby cereal contains milk and/or soy, I decided to take a peek through my Baby Bullet recipe book. Horay for brown rice cereal!

The milling of the rice didn’t go very well at first. The noise from the Baby Bullet was so loud that Thomas started howling, the cat went nuts, and I scrambled to seperate the two… just in case…. (we never did find a home for Belle and her behavioral changes weren’t enough to put her down). I had to wait for my husband to come home so that he could bring both Thomas and the cat outside while I finished milling the rice. Easy enough recipe: 1/2 cup brown rice (milled), 4 cups water, bring to a boil, let boil for 20 minutes and voilà!

When the first spoonful made it’s way to Thomas, there was no doubt that he was ready to start solids. He eagerly opened his mouth and leaned forward toward the spoon. I can’t wait until we start feeding him something with a little more taste than plain brown rice! It’s going to be a hoot. Yes, I did write ‘a hoot’. It’s my new mommy talk. A friend of mine (male who shall not be named) apparently found my ‘breast’ references in my recent post ‘R’ rated. I guess the fact that they were bursting with milk was too much for him to handle. You know who you are….

Thomas after his first taste of 'big people' food.

Another photo of Thomas. Unrelated to this post but I couldn't help it because he's just soooo cute!


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