After more than a week of Thomas LOVING his cereal (both homemade rice & Heinz Organic Oats), we decided it was time to add some veggies to his diet. We figured he was ready since every time he sees food on our plates he reaches out and tries to grab it. Then he gets upset when he can’t have it. So, I took out the Baby Bullet and flipped through the recipe book. I decided on zucchini since it’s a favourite of mine.

1 Zucchini (boiled or steamed until soft)
1/4 cup of water
blend together in the bullet and that’s it!

When he took his first bite, Thomas wasn’t too sure what this was all about, but in the end he loved it just as much as the cereal. We’ll do four days of zucchini to ensure he doesn’t develop any allergic reactions and then we’ll experiment with a new food. Maybe avocado.

We have a very eager eater on our hands and I’m thrilled! Tomorrow we head to Ogdensburg, NY to pick up his high chair. At least now he’ll be able to sit at the table with us when we eat.

Thomas eating zucchini for the first time.


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