Ah damn… I’m on my tummy again?!

OK… so just when Thomas was consistently sleeping for 10 hours straight and going back to sleep for another two hours after a quick feed, he suddenly decided to master rolling from his back to his tummy. The downside is that he hates his tummy (at night) and hasn’t figured out how to return to his back. This makes for an incredibly frustrating, restless, tear-filled night for the entire family.

A few nights ago we spent some time reading online to see if there were any suggestions (while Thomas was howling because he was on his belly). One tip – the tummy positionner – has been banned due to children dying of suffocation. For obvious reasons this one was crossed from our list of potential solutions.  We did end up bunching towels around him until he was asleep and then removed them. His sleep lasted for only 6 hours.

The other night my husband and I enjoyed our very first night away from Thomas to celebrate the marriage of two of our friends. My mother came over to watch Thomas (something she’d been dying to do since the day he was born). Although I kept telling myself that leaving him with my mom was going to be easy and would be a well deserved break… I was an anxious mess. To make matters worse, I forgot the wedding gift. Tears quickly started swelling and my husband pulled me aside. He reminded me that we could give them their gift when they return from their honeymoon, that Thomas would be fine, and that my lip-gloss was is his pocket. He also convinced me not to cry because my mascara would run.

After my first glass of wine (the first full glass since getting pregnant), I relaxed. The night was great and I had a good time. At 8pm my mom called to let us know that Thomas was fast asleep. Needless to say, I consumed a few more beverages before the night was over.

This was my second glass of wine. A ceasar might have also been consumed by this point.

When we returned home, my mom informed me that Thomas had been fast asleep since she put him down. Then, just as she was about to leave, we heard some noises from upstairs. (Insert swear word here.)

It was a horrible night. Thomas would roll onto his tummy and howl… over and over again. The next morning was no fun. Getting only a very few hours of sleep made for quite the grumpy mom. The morning nap was a battle, until my husband decided to let Thomas cry. To our amazement, the little guy fell asleep on his tummy with his thumb in his mouth. YAY! This has since happened twice and although he’s quite upset when he wakes, at least he’s able to fall asleep.

I can’t wait for the day when he’s able to roll back. I think that will be the day when I indulge in another glass of wine… or two.


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