A day at the museum

With my husband being on paternal leave, we decided to take a little family outing and visit the newly renovated Canadian Museum of Nature with Thomas. We had a 2 for 1 coupon from our Entertainment Book so we managed to save a few pennies there – which we later used to pay for parking.

The museum is wonderful and there’s plenty to look at, touch and read. Although the evidence is clear, I still for some reason have trouble believing that dinosaurs really existed. Their size and history blows my mind! And since they were nicely displayed, I took the opportunity to inform Thomas that if he didn’t behave, the dinosaur would eat him. I’m sure one day he’ll realize that it’s impossible since they no longer exist. Then I’ll have to come up with another clever threat.

Just one bite.

We didn’t complete the entire museum since we were eating away into the schedule for Thomas’s second nap of the day and the little guy was getting very fussy. We left the museum and headed to the Elgin Street Diner for a bite. The food was good, but I was very disappointed by the fact that they did not offer free refills on soda. Who doesn’t offer free refills anymore? Plus the glass was filled with ice and cost $3. Very disappointing.

We managed to get Thomas home in time for his late afternoon nap… and he slept like a baby (had to get that one in at some point!). All in all, a productive day.


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