To the world of nappies we go!

So it’s been decided. We’re headed to London in October!

My husband is travelling for work-related purposes and Thomas and I are going along with him. Although I’m starting to get excited about this trip, I sadly must admit that I’m more anxious and nervous about it than anything else. The longest trip we’ve done with Thomas has been driving from Ottawa to Toronto in August and I found that to be a little difficult because of the constant need to entertain him, stop for feeding and listening to him cry while we were bumper to bumper on the 401. I’m assuming entertaining and feeding him on the plane will be easier – but I could also be very, very wrong. I just pray that we won’t be one of those families who has a crying child from take-off to landing. Ugh…

Anyways, now comes the time to figure out what we’ll be doing other than having tea with Wills and Kate (my wishful thinking). I’ve been checking out various blogs and web sites the consensus is that London is a very walkable city and that we definitely won’t get bored. A very useful site has been I’ve found a whole bunch of info on what to do and how to save a few bucks.

We’re considering getting the Original London Sightseeing Tour Ticket.

The tour offers a hop-on, hop-off bus visit of the city.I did this once in New York and enjoyed i,t but I don’t think the man who had bran muffins for breakfast and forced the bus driver to let him off at a non-stop location did. It was quite the argument.

I’m also considering spending a day at the London Zoo. This one is more for me than my husband, so I might do it on the Thursday or Friday when his days are booked full of meetings. I’m sure Thomas will enjoy looking at all the animals, so it might be a good option.

The Transport for London site also provides some great info for tourists including payment info, travelling tips and system maps for the Tube and the buses.

So I’ll be spending the next few weeks figuring out how to get the most out of this trip. If you’ve been and have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


One thought on “To the world of nappies we go!

  1. Get an Oyster card for the tube. It is waaaay cheaper compared to paying cash. Also checkout Hyde Park and the smaller (but prettier) Holland Park. The V&A Museum was interesting, too (and free!)

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