Where did the good neighbours go?

I was reading the article Playground Panic in a recent edition of Maclean’s and it blew me away. Apparently in some U.S. cities (including New York and San Francisco), it’s illegal for adults to go to a park if they don’t have any children. Illegal.

I understand the fear that many parents heave regarding possible harm to their child or even abduction. However, the thought of not being able to sit on a park bench and read a book or simply catch some of the last few rays of sunshine and warm weather before the leaves start to fall baffles me.

I might still be looking at this with the eyes of a naive mother, but I also think these extreme regulations are going a little too far. There is nothing more beautiful that a child playing and discovering new things. Every day I’m amazed at how much Thomas is developing and becoming more comfortable with his surroundings. I also get a kick out of people who try to get him to smile when I’m out and about. The beauty of children is that they’re innocent, but I guess that’s also their downfall.

I just feel like we’ve entered a time when we assume that everyone is out to get us. What happened to the friendly neighbour who simply wants to help. Where did that person go?


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