Last minute packing vs. strategic planning

Inside the passenger area of Heathrow Terminal 5.

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With our imminent departure to London, UK (Sunday) many have been asking me if I’m packed and ready to go. To be quite honest, I haven’t even opened up the suitcase.

I’ve decided that on Saturday, I will take out all the items I’m planning on bringing with us (clothes, pyjamas, toys, food, etc.) and on Sunday morning I’ll pack everything. I figure there’s no point in putting aside things I’ll need in the coming days because I’d just go get them from the pile. Although I consider this to be strategic… others think I’ve lost my mind and am waiting until the last-minute to get things done.

I think I’ve read most articles about what to bring when travelling with a child and have asked a few of my friends to share their experiences. The most important one seems to be that you MUST feed your child on take off and landing to help their ears get used to the change in pressure. I’ve done a toy-swap with a good friend of mine so Thomas has new toys to play with when we return home. Of course, I might also stop by the toy section of Harrods and pick up something British. Entertainment for the little guy is a must on the flight back since we’re going solo. No daddy with us. Eek! And, I plan on carrying Thomas in his Snugli and tying the stroller (or pushchair as they call it in the UK) to the luggage in an effort to manoeuvre my way through Heathrow without any issues. Good luck to me!

I’ve also found a ready-to-use formula that Thomas can take. Since he now has a bottle every night before going to bed this was a golden find. I’ll still take powder just incase, but I’m thrilled about this new formula. It’s a little more expensive, but I think will be well worth it.

Thomas and I continue to enjoy the little routine we’ve created until it’s time to pack. We even managed to fit in one last play date with his two best pals, Elliott and Noelle, before we head off to visit with the Queen.

Noelle always seems to steal the show.


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