Thomas takes London – Day 1

As the sun sets over London, we’re all pooped. The past 24 hours have been nothing short of adventurous.

Our flight was on time and pretty empty so we were able to move to a three-people row giving us more room with Thomas. There was so much going on around him that he refused to sleep until way past 8pm. In all, I assume he got just about 2 hours of sleep overnight. There was a bit of crying and fussing on the plane, but we weren’t one of those families. Thank goodness!

Our real test of patience and sleep deprivation came when we arrived at Heathrow Airport. It took us forever to leave the plane because we were trying to find a bottle cover that had gone missing. It’s still MIA. I pushed Thomas along while my husband lugged both suitcases. I’ll bullet point the rest of our travel adventure:

  • We got on a terminal train instead of the express to London.
  • We returned to platform 2 only to have missed the express by mere seconds. So we waited 15 minutes.
  • There are no washrooms in this train station.
  • We finally board the train – 15 minutes later we’re in Paddington Station. I still have to pee.
  • The washrooms in PS require change. We hae no change. I hold it in.
  • There are no elevators (lifts) in PS so we decide to strap Thomas in the Snugli and bungee-cord the stroller to a suitcase.
  • We board the tube with all the other morning commuters – it’s Monday.
  • We finally make it off the Tube and walk to our Hotel.
  • We drop off our luggage, feed Thomas, shower and strap on our walking shoes.

We didn’t visit anything in particular but simply walking around was wonderful. We’ve started to take many photos and when I’m not completely exhausted from the serious lack of sleep I’ll take a minute to upload them.

All in all, Day 1 was a success. Tomorrow we get to enjoy the Hop on Hop off bus tour and plan on seeing the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. Hopefully Thomas has another wonderful day and graces us with a nice afternoon nap like he did today.


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