Thomas takes London – Day 3

We’ve wrapped up another day in this amazingly beautiful city. We woke up bright and early and headed

off to Hyde Park for a little nature. We walked to the Princess Diana Memorial and the Peter Pan Monument. We didn’t have time to head into Harrods, so Thomas and I will venture there alone tomorrow since my husband is off to work!

We took the Hop-on-Hop-Off bus in the early afternoon and completed the final portion of the route. It was a great way to see a few of the things we had not yet had a chance to see.

On the walk back to our new hotel (we had to switch this morning because this is where my husband is staying for the next 10 days) we stopped at Buckingham Palace and snapped a few shots that we weren’t able to get the other day due to the large crowd.

Thomas and I in front of Buckingham Palace

The weather here has definitely changed since we arrived. The warm 26 degrees on Monday was replaced with a very windy and damp 19 degrees. It’s a good thing we had packed accordingly!

So tomorrow Thomas and I will venture off alone. The high for the day is 15 degrees, cloudy and windy. After some shopping at Harrods, we’ll probably venture to the Victoria and Albert Museum, and then maybe the London Aquarium. Nice, warm, locations!

Very emotional to see the damage on this cement wall. A reminder that the war was very, very real.


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