Thomas takes London – Day 4

London Victoria station, London, England.

Image via Wikipedia

I’m not sure if day 4 can be put into words. This was by far the most difficult day ever! I assumed it would be just as easy without my husband around… big mistake.

The day started out pretty well. We had another wonderful breakfast at the hotel and when Trevor headed off to work, Thomas and I made our way to Victoria station to hop on a bus and make our way to Harrods for a little tourist shopping.

The bus ride was quick and went very well. Harrods was alright, but the lifts are hard to find and when your child decides to start crying – it’s hard to park the stroller and cater to his needs in the middle of the Veuve Clicquot champagne bar. I finally found a ‘nappy change’, manoeuvred my way up some stairs to get to it and gave the little guy a fresh diaper.

We left Harrods and made our way to Oxford Circus because my cell phone wasn’t allowing me to browse the internet and that’s how my husband and I were going to be in touch at the end of the day. After getting my phone fixed it was time to find lunch. Oh boy… this is when the real adventure starts.

Everywhere I stepped foot to eat had a combination of the following:

  • Too many people waiting in line
  • No where to sit
  • washroom was down a narrow flight of stairs

Not a big deal when my husband is with me, but I was alone with Thomas. So I kept walking, walking, walking until I finally gave up and decided to get take-out from Pret a Manger. Although I still needed to pee, the little guy was not happy and still crying. So I parked my ass on tiny cement ledge by the Underground station, had my sandwich and he had sweet potato.

After this brief stop, I decided to keep looking for a washroom. I finally entered what looked like a department store, got on the lift and made my way to the disabled stall. The toilet was blocked, my child was crying, I had to pee…

I went into the women’s washroom only to realize that the stalls were not much wider than my pregnancy hips. I was seconds away from losing my self-control. A nice women offered to watch Thomas while I used the toilet – and that my friends is when I lost it. I started to cry. Sob actually. I was so tired and didn’t know what to do. I had this fear of opening up that door and finding that my child was missing. So, after putting myself back together I did what most mothers would do: parked the strolled in front of me and peed with the door open.

The rest of the day wasn’t much better. I think Thomas has had enough (and me too). So this morning, my little guy is having a well-deserved nap in the hotel room. I’m typing away and taking a little time to myself. We’ll be going out when he wakes up and hopefully I’ll remember to pee before I leave the hotel room!


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