Thomas takes London – Day 5 & 6

The past two days have been quite long. On Friday Thomas and I headed to the Tower of London where we spent most of the afternoon. We headed out after his nice morning nap. It was nice to visit such a landmark. The pace of the day was slowed a little by my having to wait for kind strangers to help me up and down the stairs in the Underground. When I got to the Tower, I stuck Thomas in his Snugli.

Yesterday we all headed to Stonehenge. It was cold. Very, very cold. Almost too cold for Thomas. Although quite impressive, I had to rush around the walking trail so that I could make my way back into the warmth with Thomas.

The bus ride back to the hotel was not fun. The only thing keeping Thomas from completely losing it was the group of women sitting behind us that entertained him by smiling and making silly faces. Thank goodness for strangers who think my son is cute!

Stonehenge on a very cold day.

Today is my last official day here. We’re heading to the Olympic Village later this morning and that will be all for today. Hopefully Thomas can sleep tonight and doesn’t wake up every 2 hours. I would let him cry it out like I do at home (when he rarely wakes), but I’m worried the guests next to us will be woken by his cries. So, he’s being fed every single time he wakes. Oh… he’s also spending 80% of the night in our bed – another thing that doesn’t happen at home. I had to baracade myself with pillows so he didn’t see me and want to play.

I guess vacation survival skills have kicked in. The downside… it’s going to be a harsh return to reality for this little guy.


One thought on “Thomas takes London – Day 5 & 6

  1. Ingrid,Thomas and Trevor you all had a good time as Gamma and Papa Kerr read you went all around London and enjoyed all the sites and sounds as they say,and Monday you head back home,Pam and I will be praying for your safe arrivial at the Ottawa airport,hope to hear from you soon.
    Grammy & Papa Kerr

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