Cheers to you London

I can honestly say I have the best little traveller. I was so worried about flying back home by myself without my husband. Having Thomas on my lap for 7.5 hours was going to be a challenge and I was fearful of what other passengers would think – especially since I was flying Executive.

For our final full day in London, we took it easy by only visiting the construction of the London 2012 Games Olympic Village. It was great to see how a run-down community will soon be thriving thanks to the economic boom the Games will bring. Although we weren’t able to actually go into the Village, we spent quite some time at a lookout point where we got a great view of the Olympic Stadium and the Aquatics Centre. It will be wonderful to tune in next summer and see the final product. Our tour was booked through Blue Guide Tours and was well worth it.

On Monday morning, I was packed and ready to go. Thomas was in a great mood and I was optimistic. It was sad leaving this beautiful city behind, but it was definitely time to head back home. We both needed to get back into our routine. Although he was crying when he got on the plane, he stopped at take off when he was fed…. and that was it. A few seconds of fussing here and there, but if people didn’t see me walk in with a baby, they would never have known one was on board.

Of course, the women sitting behind me was a great help. She played peek-a-boo with Thomas and even offered to help while I used the washroom. You could tell she loves children and is a wonderful grandmother. I was very thankful to have her closeby.

So now there’s a bunch of laundry to do and sleep to catch up on. All in all, London was worth it and it was a wonderful way to celebrate two years of marriage to the most amazing husband in the world.


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