The big wean-y

It’s official.. Thomas is being weaned.

For the past month or so I’ve been telling myself that weaning him will be a breeze. I miss milk and cheese so much that I figured I would just remind myself of how delicious that greasy pizza would be followed by an enormous glass of milk, and yogurt, and chocolate, and everything else I’ve cut out.

And so it began on October 11. I started by cutting out the morning feed, then the afternoon feed. Then I cut out all feeds except for the mid-day and middle of the night. (The evening feed had been cut out for about 1 month already). Then the inevitable happened: I didn’t want to wean him anymore. I wanted to back down. I was worried that I had made the wrong decision and the thought of losing that precious time with Thomas was weighing heavy on my heart. I was changing my mind. I wanted to breastfeed again – all the time. The only reason I wanted to stop in the first place was to give my little guy 5 solid months without any traces of milk products in his diet.

Although I spent a large part of yesterday debating what to do with this new desire to continue breastfeeding, my very busy day distracted me and Thomas ended up getting a mid-day bottle. I was sad when I realized what had happened. I really wasn’t ready to give that one up! If anything, I’d love for him to sleep through the night so that I wouldn’t have to get up at 3am to feed him. That feed I could do without!

So now I’m down to one. One lonely little feed. I’m still not sure how to go about changing this one to a bottle. Do I wait it out and stop breastfeeding when Thomas sleeps through without waking… or do I cut it now and look forward to a Friday night when I indulge in beer and pizza? The jury is still out.


2 thoughts on “The big wean-y

  1. My son Jack was incredibly reluctant to wean. With my older son, I tried the systematic slowing down, similar to what you describe in your post. Jack, however, would have none of it. He would throw insane tantrums, screaming, kicking, biting me. Though I knew it was wrong and that I should focus on the big picture (I was SO DONE with breastfeeding by the time I got around to weaning him.) I kept giving in just to make the screaming stop.
    A friend told me that she had applied lemon juice to herself to wean her daughter. Jack thought it was delicious.
    One morning, when the idea of nursing my lil psycho was filling me with anxiety, I had a burst of inspiration. I squirted myself with some perfume. Two quick shots on each breast.
    When Jack started bugging me, I told him that he could try, but that now that he was such a big boy, I didn’t think the baby milk was good anymore. He went for it, made the most horrible grimace I have ever seen when he got a taste of the perfume, and started sobbing, “Why? Why?” He continued to ask to nurse for months and months and months, but took my word for it that the milk was no good.
    Good luck to you as you and Thomas attempt to live life a little more independently. And if worse comes to worse, you can use my trick.

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