He read my mind

Thomas last weekend in Gatineau Park.

It appears my little guy knew what I needed and wanted. After publishing my last post, I continued to debate how to end that last overnight feed. When I woke up the next morning, I realized Thomas had made the decision for me, for us.

With him sleeping through the night I didn’t get up to feed him. My breastfeeding days were over. Just like that. In the end I preferred it this way as I didn’t have to actually make a decision. Although last night he did wake at his usual feed time, by the time I got back upstairs with his bottle, he had fallen back asleep.

So that’s it I guess. Another chapter in my little guy’s growth has ended. We all know that when one ends… another begins. This will probably be crawling since he can now manage to get on all fours – but isn’t too sure what to do next. Needless to say, we’re spending tomorrow setting up gates throughout the house.


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