Happy Halloween

I have to admit that I love Halloween now more than ever.

I contemplated long and hard about spending money on a costume for Thomas this year. For some reason I thought it was a waste of money to buy a costume he’ll wear only once and not remember. Then I flash-forwarded to five years from now when my little guy would be grilling me about why he didn’t have a costume for his first Halloween. I was certain I would feel like a horrible mother at that moment, so I caved and we spent a few bucks at Old Navy (last minute discounted price) and found what was the cutest little robot costume! Looking back, this was definitely the right thing to do.

I was also, for some unknown reason, inspired to make Halloween treats to bring to a house party. I was motivated to find time and energy to get creative – as long as my husband could watch the little guy so that I could get things done.

I searched the internet for some easy to make treats and voila! Scary Skull Cakes paired with Funny Bones. They were delicious! I think this ghostly baking might become an annual thing. Halloween might become our favourite events and I actually look forward to throwing a kids party in a few years from now.

Now all that has to happed is for more than 50 kids to show up at my door when we’ve bought candy for 200. Ugh…


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