No magical umbrella but…

This morning was our very first visit to a potential daycare for my little guy. Needless to say I was quite nervous on the way to check out the place. Although I had seen images online and liked the woman’s description, I kind of felt like the single girl who’s going on her first date with a guy she’s met via the internet. He might look good in the photo (taken 10 years back) and his place looks great (cause it’s his mom’s). I kept playing Brad Paisley‘s Online song in my head. Who know’s what we were about to walk into…

I must say we were pleasantly surprised. Although it’s a smaller home, it’s very cozy, clean and bright. The woman’s 3-year-old son was there and I was happy to see him play quietly on his own, but chatter when we spoke to him. He snuggled next to his mom when we all sat to play for a few minutes and I got the sense that she’s a really great mom.

She was very down to earth, was incredibly well prepared to answer all our questions and provided us with a clear outline of expectations, regulations and values. She was a great first.

Although we plan on visiting a few more places, we’ll now have a great base to compare them to. And who knows, maybe this place will turn into our high school sweetheart and we won’t need online dating.


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