13 degrees on November 8? I’ll take it!

Oh how spoiled we’ve been lately with the ever-so balmy fall weather here in Ottawa. As the little guy and I set out this morning, the sun was beating down on us and the air felt great. A nice, crisp 13 degrees. It’s definitely not the kind of weather we’re used to having here in November.

Days like today make me feel as though I’m miles away from my old life. While my colleagues are working away at their desks, Thomas and I are outside getting some fresh air. No time behind a desk for me today…with the exception of writing this blog.

In order to avoid simply sitting on a park bench this morning, I decided to take part in the free Strollercize class offered by Boomerang Kids. Although it wasn’t as intense as I was expecting/hoping it would be, the warm weather made it worth it!

And as I continue my attempt at shedding a few pounds, I plan on taking part in this Strollercize class once a week until it’s too bloody cold to go outside for more than a few minutes at a time. I also plan on heading to the local pool once or twice a week.

We’re expecting another double digit day tomorrow and I can guarantee that I’ll be out and about.


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