The most beautiful sound in the world

I don’t think we ever fully appreciate life until we hear a baby giggle for the first time. That sound is one of pure joy. Nothing else can compare.

Thomas isn’t a very ticklish kid. Although he smiles all the time, making him giggle is still a challenge. Believe me, I try every day. I think he’s smarter than I am and REALLY wants to see me put some effort into my silliness before he grins from cheek to cheek and lets out that wonderful sound. He must be thinking “I wonder how dumb mommy’s going to look today when she tries to make me giggle. I hope other people are watching and think she’d gone crazy. That would be awesome.” Then, after several minutes of doing the most ridiculous things, he probably feels sorry for me and that’s when I’ll get that beautiful baby giggle.

Yesterday as I enjoyed another unseasonably warm and greatly appreciated day here in Ottawa, my friend Kelly and I got together to hang out with the boys. It’s wonderful to see them crawl around and interact with each other. I swear they were chatting about something really great because the babbling wouldn’t stop. I love that babble.

We also took the opportunity to head to the park with our two little ones. This park is great and has tons of stuff for when they get older, but for now, we settled for the bucket-seat swing. It was their first time in the rubber seat and the boys loved it! And yes… they giggled. Lots.

Thomas in his swing.


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