Deal, or no deal?

My post a day was brought to a halt yesterday as Thomas, Daddy and I headed to Waterloo, NY for some shopping at the Premium Outlets. It’s become a favourite challenge for us to find the best deals out there.

Showing off the recent purchases.

A few years back we would walk into every store to see what they had to offer – big mistake. We would finish the day exhausted, having spent way too much, and had no energyfor the 4.5 hour drive home. We now consider ourselves experienced outlet shoppers and tackle the stores with a well thought-out strategy.  Here are three questions we ask ourselves before every purchase:

  • Can we find one back home for essentially the same price?
  • Do we REALLY need this, or are we just finding it cool because we’re at the outlets? (common rookie mistake)
  • Is this truly a good deal?

Following these three rules not only helps minimize the amount of time we spend at stores, it also means the shopping makes less of a hole in our wallets!

Yesterday was the first time we went with Thomas – so of course the children’s clothing stores were on the must-stop list. Although we only entered OshKosh and Carter’s (due to lack of time), I now apply the following when shopping for Thomas:

  • Full-price items are NOT a deal, but 60% off is!!
  • It’s worth signing up online to receive store discounts and coupons because the deal might be even sweeter!
  • OshKosh is a definite favourite for future shopping expeditions.

As for my husband and I, we didn’t come back empty-handed. I scored an awesome pair of winter boots at Columbia – a MUST-stop every time. This store really has the best deals out there. Can you really argue about picking up a pair of Columbia boots for $78 taxes in? I don’t think so. There are also some great deals on business clothes at Van Heusen and Tommy Hilfiger always has great prices for jeans and shirts.

After tallying up all the purchases, we were a few pennies shy of $350. Extravagant, but well worth it. The successful day was made even better by the awesome customs officer who had a nice little chat with us and sent us on our way without having to pay the extra duty. Maybe he was feeling generous, or maybe it was the fact that it was 9:30pm and we had a little guy passed out in the back seat with 1.5 hours of driving left to do.


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