Thomas conquers the teething biscuit

So I finally found these really wonderful teething biscuits for Thomas that contain no milk or soy. YAY! I came across these Healthy Times Teething Biscuits at my local natural food store.

I couldn’t wait to get home and try them. With Thomas being such an awesome eater and loving everything he tries – I was certain that he would adore this new treat. So I sat him in his high chair and offered him his very first teething biscuit. It was a hit.

He kept chomping and sucking and making the cutest little mmmmm….. sounds. So I let him continue to enjoy this new treat.

His indulging continued to the point where there was more biscuit on him than there was in his hand. I didn’t realize how messy these could be. I rarely need to equip him with a bib when I feed him, so I didn’t think of putting one on him this time around either. Oops. Guess I’ll know for next time!

The teething biscuit has been conquered.


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