The co-sleeping debate

There’s been a lot of talk lately about a Milwaukee ad campaign which focuses on the dangers of co-sleeping.

My husband and I decided when I was still pregnant that we would opt against it as long as we could because we wanted our bed to remain ours. Although we never spent an entire night with Thomas is our bed, there were a few nights in the earlier months when he would fall asleep with me in the big bed. My husband never felt comfortable sleeping with the little guy between us. There’s only so much room in a double bed with two adults and a snugly cat.

I’m still on the fence about whether or not this ad campaign is worth all the hype, and whether or not people are really getting what they should out of it. The fine print does tell parents that babies should always sleep on their back and in a crib. It also provides a phone number for parents to call if they can’t afford a crib. I guess this information is worth sharing, but did the ads need to be this extreme?

As parents, we aren’t always as informed as we should be. I think in the case of this ad, as extreme as it may be, it forces us to think about whether or not co-sleeping is right for our family. It forces parents to talk about it and make a well-informed decision – because I would certainly read about the dangers of co-sleeping after seeing this ad if I didn’t know them before.

In any case, the decision is one both parents should be comfortable with. Although I loved snuggling next to my little man and miss the days when he would sleep on me or next to me, I get to kiss his little face every day and…. sleep in my own bed.


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