The great cookie exchange

Thomas's daddy making plum pudding.

I love baking. I love the smell of cookie dough, cinnamon and fresh out-of-the-oven sweets. I also love eating them, even though my  pre-resolution is not to gain wight this month. But Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas in our house without a tin container in the freezer filled with yummy snacks waiting to be savoured.

When my little guy is older, baking together for Christmas will be on the schedule every year. I hope he’ll come to enjoy it as much as I do.

But like like many moms, I can’t seem to find the motivation to make a variety of cookies, squares and nibbles for guests who come over during the holidays. So I decided to host a cookie exchange among my mommy friends. I figure if I bake 2-dozen of one thing and end up with a mish-mash of sweets to offer people, my holiday baking will be a success. Plus, I get to host another mommy get-together before we’re all too busy to spare a few hours.

So now comes the dilemma of what to make. The simplest thing would be my favourite chocolate chip cookies – but that’s not very Christmas-y. So I’m open to suggestions. If you happen to have some great and simple recipes on hand, please share!


4 thoughts on “The great cookie exchange

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  2. Ingrid Grampy Kerr and i just read your blog of making christmas cookies, well go to my favourte place on the web it is and look under christmas baking or cookies and you will get tons of recipes maybe all new to you but very interesting.

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