Thomas meets Santa Claus

The turkey is in the oven, the little guy is napping, the table is set, floor is swept, apron is hanging from my neck… it’s time to blog!

These past few days have been filled with stops to the grocery store, last-minute wrapping and menu making for tonight’s meal when my husband’s family comes over for dinner.

But amidst all the business, we did find time to visit Santa, twice. The first was at the local mall and Thomas was quite intrigued by the big guy in the red suit. Although the visit was brief, I think Santa left quite the impression on my little guy. I know this because a few days later my husband’s work hosted a Christmas party for the kids and Thomas got to see him again.

Thomas opening his gift from Santa.

Although this Santa looked a little worn out (not the best red suit and he’d just come back from a cruise the night before), Santa was ready to greet all the little people.

Thomas went bananas! He couldn’t get enough of this Santa. I think the photos will tell the story much better than I can. Thanks again for following the tales of Thomas. My little guy and I  wish you a very merry Christmas.




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