How 2011 changed me

The obvious reason for the change was arrival of my little guy. In 2011 I became a mom. But it’s so much more than just the title. It’s the new responsibilities, knowing what’s really important in life, and simply wanting to be the best me – for him.

And although I used to often ache for my old life, I love this mom thing. On the days that I’m not feeling so great and wish I could return to that old me for just one minute, I think of what I would miss if I did. So, I decided to make a list of five reasons why my life is better with Thomas:

Thomas asleep in his new sled.

  1. It’s much easier to get the most out of a day when sleeping in means you’re really getting up at 7:30am.
  2. Going for a walk when it’s chilly is so much more fun with a kid. Especially when you turn around and realize he’s fast asleep.
  3. Being able to comfort him when he’s crying makes me realize how much I’m loved and needed.
  4. Knowing I’ll soon have a toddler and one day a teenage boy on my hands makes me want to stay healthy.
  5. Because I was meant to be a mom.

I knew my life had undoubtedly changed (forever) when I uttered the following phrase: “I realize there’s snot and vomit on my shirt, but I’m not changing it cause it’s just going to get dirty again and then I’ll have more laundry.”

So yes,  there’s a little guy running the house, spreading out his toys, harassing the cat, waking me up, and snotting all over me that’s forced me to change, but I loved 2011 and I’ll cherish it forever.


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