Thomas the globe trotter

Vancouver here we come! After taking London by storm, Thomas (and us of course) is heading to Vancouver in February to visit his great-uncle David.

It’s a trip daddy and I have been eager to do since we first starting dating six years ago, but it just never happened. After a brief conversation with uncle David during Christmas time, we all decided that this was the perfect time. Daddy had already planned on taking some time in February before I head back to work, and why wouldn’t we want to enjoy Vancouver in February when Ottawa is so bitter cold?

So we’ve booked the flight and the hotel – now we just have to figure out what we’ll be doing for our week-long visit.

Although our trip to London had me believing I had mastered travelling with a baby, my baby is almost a little man now and he’s a completely different person at 10 months than he was at seven. So, I’ll have to rethink everything I thought I knew about travelling with a baby:

  • Purees just won’t cut it anymore.
  • Letting him crawl around in the airplane probably isn’t acceptable.
  • It will be hard to take his activity cube onto the plane even though it’s his favourite toy.
  • and there’s plenty more…

And although Thomas is pretty content just hanging out in his stroller and watching people pass by, I think this time we’ll definitely have to find some Thomas things to see and do.


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