An apple a day

I was eating an apple the other day while my little guy was hanging out with the mountain of toys he received at Christmas. When Thomas saw my apple, and realized I was eating something that he had never tasted before, he was very eager to dig his little teeth into this new fruit. Although he’s had apple before, it came in the form of a puree which is much different than this delicious round edible toy I was enjoying.

So I offered him a bite, and then another, and another, and another… he loved it! I’m not sure the exact reason he enjoyed it so much, but it was definitely worth capturing on video. Luckily I happened to have a blackberry in my pocket and was able to capture a little video.

I guess I’ll have to make sure I always pack an apple in my bag for when a meltdown is imminent. It seems to me this might become my favourite new distraction for Thomas.


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