Our West Coast Adventure

After two days of being back home, I’m starting to see the end of this jet-lag tunnel. All that’s left of our trip is a few more things to wash and lots of photos and memories. It was a wonderful visit and I’m so glad that we found the time (and bit the financial bullet) to enjoy one last trip as a family before I head off to work in early March.

Once again, Thomas was a wonderful traveller. He not only mastered the open & close hand wave while we were there, he also added the Queen’s side to side wave. I don’t need to tell you how this new trick won hearts everywhere we went. One thing we did notice on this trip is that our little guy can’t get enough attention from chinese women. He simply adores them. He would spend lengthy periods of time just looking at them, smiling and waving his little hands. If a little asian girl moves in next door we’re in trouble!

Here are a few highlights from the trip:

We took a few ferry rides while we were there. On the second day we travelled to Victoria and ended in Seattle, WA. The photo above is the first time Thomas realized he could touch uncle David’s beard. He loved it!

It was freezing on the ferry as it made its way to Victoria. But, once we arrived and started walking around, it felt (and looked) like spring everywhere. I loved it!

A tree in bloom in Victoria. I love the west coast!

We then left and made our way onto another ferry and headed to Port Angeles, WA. Once off the ferry, we drove to Seattle to spend the night and the better portion of the following day.

The Farmer’s Market in Seattle was awesome. There is so much to look at. People whizzing by who knew what they want to purchase and tourists like us who are just there to take it all in.


The following day was quite rainy so daddy, Thomas and I headed to the Vancouver Aquarium. Although Thomas slept for a large part of the tour, when he did wake from his nap he loved watching the beluga whales swim around and adored looking at the little frogs. Despite the high cost, I’m really happy we went.


On our second to last day in Vancouver we walked and walked and walked. We stopped by the Olympic Flame monument and soaked in the sun – which was quite scarce throughout the entire trip. Although it was very chilly, Thomas napped and napped some more. But, we thought we couldn’t leave without getting a shot of him next to it.

All in all it was a wonderful trip. We packed too many toys, too much clothes and bought way too many diapers while we were there. The cause might have been a distracted mother who left the hotel for the day without packing a single one in her bag. I will not name this mother for she should be ashamed. I will simply say that she is grateful there wasn’t a diaper explosion before she was able to get her hands on some nappies.


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