The problem with other children

My kid is great. He’s wonderful. He’s the best kid a mother could ask for. He smiles at strangers, waves hello and goodbye and plays well with other children… well, now always.

Earlier this week Thomas and I headed to his good buddy Elliott’s for a little playdate. Seeing as I only have two weeks left before I start work fulltime, I’m trying to maximize on my mommy get togethers. What was once an activity that Thomas really enjoyed took a bit of a turn. You see, Elliott is a superstar walker. At less than 11 months this little guy has mastered the drunken wobble. It’s so great seeing him make his way from one place to another on two feet. With this newfound walking also comes added mobility and agility – something Thomas has yet to develop. And so… Elliott totally spooked Thomas. It got to the point that whenever Elliott would approach my little guy, tears would start to flow but would stop as soon as Elliott moved away. Oh boy.

His happiest playdate moment: spaghetti.

Where is my tough guy? Why isn’t he sticking up for himself? Why isn’t he getting those elbows up and protecting his play space? This sucks.

Then on Thursday Thomas headed to daycare for his first official 1/2 day. The previous playdate had gone really well, so I was expecting the same. My happy, friendly, little guy would LOVE the new toys and friends right? He wouldn’t even notice I was gone right? He would be in baby heaven right?

Well he loved the toys, but the friends he really didn’t care much for. He actually cried as soon as he was approached by another crawling monster. I tried to reassure him that everything was alright. That this other two-footed beast was not going to eat him. But every time someone would dare approach him, the crying would start.

I realized there was nothing more that I could do. This seemed like a case of toughen up or we’re in trouble. So I left and went to my blood donation appointment (you should donate blood too). I did the groceries, went home, put the groceries away and headed back to A‘s to pick up Thomas.

According to A (his daycare provider), after lunch, a nap and more play time he was fine. Thank goodness! The last thing I need as I reluctantly head back to work is mornings filled with tears and tantrums right?

As for this yesterday’s daycare adventure: it was wonderful. No tears, just smiles. I guess sometimes you just have to let them figure it out on their own. But please note that one day he will know how to keep those elbows up, in a very friendly, non-violent way.


2 thoughts on “The problem with other children

  1. I remember Seans first daycare experience. He was 18 months old and had NEVER been around any other babies. He FREAKED. I thought for sure I’d have to back out of my new job but after a week, he was ready to go every day…. till he hit 2 and started biting UGH.

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