March already? But I haven’t even learned Spanish!


That’s about it. That’s all I know. Alright, I’m exaggerating. I also know how to order a cerveza and count to viente. But other than that my Spanish is cero. Although I’m bilingual (French is my mother tongue), I had set a goal in February 2011 that by the time I returned to work in March 2012 I would have mastered Spanish for beginners. That has not happened.

It’s not that I didn’t want to learn or forgot about it. It’s just that there’s a million other things I ended up doing instead. Spanish wasn’t the only thing on my to-do list that didn’t get done. I wanted to clean the cupboard above my washing machine. It has a box on it that has been there since we moved in two years ago. This box is filled with bottom drawer crap from the condo. Guess I’ll have to put it off for a rainy day. Who am I kidding? It’s just going to stay there.

I think those two were the big ones. What I did instead? Well, there’s a bit of list: I went to the pool with Thomas, I cooked for Thomas, I played with Thomas, went to the library with Thomas, went for walks with Thomas, did laundry to provide Thomas with clean clothes, changed diapers that were on Thomas, OMG – I was with Thomas! Ok, ok, I guess it was naive of me to think that I could manage to learn another language (as my husband kindly pointed out to me tonight). Must have been first-time-mom hope. Next time around I will be more realistic.

All that being said, I’m very happy about one thing I managed to do this past year. Although it happened just a few weeks ago, I pushed aside an old grudge and reconnected with a very dear friend of mine. We hadn’t spoken in 12 years. Today we spent the entire day together and I couldn’t be happier to have her as a part of my life. The icebreaker when I contacted her: she’s also on mat leave. Imagine that!

And let’s not forget that I started a blog!

So I didn’t learn Spanish; I did other things. And as my sister pointed out (what’s with people pointing things out lately), I raised a child. A wonderful, happy, adorable child. Guess el niño was worth it after all.

My Thomas.


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