Before he turns 1, l turn 32

In our house, everything happens in early March. Well, almost everything.

March 1 – The day we moved into our new home 2 years ago
March 3 – The day my husband was laid off 3 years ago
March 7 – My birthday
March 8 – My return back to work (that’s in 2 sleeps)
March 16 – Thomas’s birthday
And sometimes Easter…

So needless to say, it’s a pricey month. It always has been. It’s as though as the snow starts to melt, so does the money in our wallets.

This year, I tried to push my birthday out of the schedule. I just felt like I was asking too much of my family to get together for my birthday followed by Thomas’s one week later. Who has time for 2 birthdays? But what I failed to remember is that I’m a daughter. I have a mom and she still remembers the day I was born. When I suggested skipping my birthday and simply celebrating Thomas’s she wasn’t very pleased.

Oh course I would never forgo celebrating my little man’s birthday so how could I possibly ask my mother to do the same? I was her third (and last) birth. Her third daughter. Her baby. And although I’m all grown up and a mother myself, I’m still someone’s daughter.

So we all got together last weekend and enjoyed some great lasagna and wine and the entertainment Thomas provided from his high chair. We celebrated my birthday. What we really celebrated however was the fact that my mom endured me in her belly for 9 months and the managed to make it through the 36 hour delivery (or something like that). Shouldn’t we be celebrating moms on the child’s birthday? That will be another post I guess.

Now all I have left to do for my little guy is to buy his gift, the cake necessities and get cooking. I plan on being creative and fun and the best mom ever. After all… I’ve been doing it for a year so I should be a pro by now right?

Note: After reading my blog post my husband asked that I indicate he found a job shortly after being laid off. It’s MY blog, but I guess I can concede to this small request.


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